We operate a selective peering policy as we prefer to see low volume peers via the root servers. We do not require a written peering agreement but we are happy to sign one if required. Click here for our peeringdb record.

Our details are as follows:

Company:Exa Networks Ltd
AS Macro :AS-EXA
MD5:not required, but supported
Max-Prefix:200 for IPv4 and IPv6
We are going to announce more prefixes soon and in order to avoid further configuration changes, we would suggest to set limit of prefixes to 200.
Contact:noc@exa-networks.co.uk (24x7 faults/fix)
Peering:peering@exa-networks.co.uk (session admin)
Tel:+44 (0)345 145 1234 (24x7 for NOC/peering)
Fax:+44 (0)1274 911 855
We are currently present at the following internet exchanges:

IXManchester, Manchester, UK (10Gb)

IPv4 :

IPv6 : 2001:7f8:4:2::7814:1

LINX, London, UK (10Gb) - Juniper LAN only

IPv4 :

IPv6 : 2001:7f8:4::7814:1

LONAP, London, UK (10Gb)

IPv4 :

IPv6 : 2001:7f8:17::7814:1

IXLeeds, Leeds, UK (10Gb)


IPv6: 2001:7f8:67::7814:1

IPv4: (9k MTU lan)

IPv6: 2001:7f8:67:9::7814:1 (9k MTU lan)

Please feel free to configure a session towards us, reply when complete and we will setup our side.